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Fitness Tea

I decided to design a range of fitness teas for my class tea packaging assignment. Heres my finished packaging

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This is my first attempt of using Adobe Flash. I think i did a pretty good job!

Flatland from Tim Freeman on Vimeo.

Carbon Tax ??

Checkout the Footprint!

Axis of Awesome

Found this video on my friends Facebook. Check it out its pretty good!

Sand Art


Jakob Nyland

Jakob Nyland is a 27 yr old Swedish Type Designer and Director.  Jakob is also the founder of Just-My-Type a website dedicated to his type designs.

Check out his website

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Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney is on again and displaying great light shows and music events Until 13th June 2011. Light displays can be seen at Customs Houses, Light Sculptures at Circular quay and the Light of the Sails at the Opera House and the  Music Shows are on every night at the Opera house. Music Shows featuring over the next week are Azari and III, Chris Cunningham and Yo Gabba Gabba.

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